IT Strategy and Transformation

There is a growing emphasis across federal and corporate enterprises to increase the value of their IT initiatives in order to support effective business operations towards a sustainable competitive advantage and/or the ability to meet mandated conformance requirements.

To do this, organizations need to continue their practices of managing IT budgets, objectively measuring the performance of existing initiatives, determine the viability for future investment, and position themselves to take advantage of new opportunities.

Intellizant understands that a meaningful IT strategy will need alignment with the business or mission and will need to be balanced with the inputs and influences of all organizational stakeholders. Creating this context, organizations will be able to make meaningful management decisions on their IT resource investments, maximizing the value received in IT.

Intellizant IT Strategy and Transformation solutions leverage leading strategic development practices, helping you:

    • Identifying where IT can provide advantage in your business operations
    • Identifying the opportunities for improvement for the existing IT Portfolio
    • Aligning the IT Strategy to the business/mission strategy
    • Identifying the current and emerging technologies that will catalyze efficiencies or conformance
    • Developing a plan of action, detailing the major milestones, and the expected value from the measurement of progress


Sathya Adusumilli
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