Resiliency Solutions

Business continuity is vital to any organizations’ success. In today's interconnected world, virtually every aspect of an organization’s operations is vulnerable to disruption.

Intellizant provides business continuity and resiliency solutions to keep your organization running in the event of an internal or external risk. Your IT department can focus more of their time to IT innovation within your organization and less time on backup and recovery.

Intellizant provides clients with a flexible and dynamic solution that is essential to help your organization find continuity and address growing risk, security, compliance and regulatory demands.

    • Continuity program assessment
      Assessment of the current state of your organizations continuity program as evaluated against one or more continuity standards and program development strategies

    • Risk management
      Identification, assessment, and mitigating the business impact of various types of risks

    • Continuity planning and organizational resilience
      Develop recovery strategies and implement continuity plans to ensure your organization is prepared to respond quickly and efficiently to any hazard that threatens to disrupt normal operations

    • Alternate operations facility selection and assessment
      Assistance in selection or assessment and evaluation of your organizations continuity facility to meet relocation requirements

    • Regulatory compliance
      Responding to regulatory requirements associated with business resiliency

    • Training, testing, and exercises
      Planning and implementation of training, test design, and exercises to ensure continuity capabilities are embedded in your organization

    • Information protection
      Ensuring that vital records and data are available and accessible in the event of a disruption

    • Disaster recovery
      Ensuring that human capital, processes and systems are able to predictably recover and respond to catastrophic disruptive events that may require recovery at a remote location


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