Organization and Human Capital Development

Many companies are successful because of their products or taking risks and emerging into the global markets, but for all companies, there is one condition that stands out, the talent of their people. With the right people and skills, anything is possible. Without talented people, businesses fail. At Intellizant, we understand your human capital is the life of your organization. With our methodology and our seasoned consultants, we are able to understand the organization’s core competencies, assess individual talents against those core competencies, and assist the organization in improving to grow the talent inherent to take the organization where it wants to go. Defining and developing an organization competency profile is the key to managing employee performance and overall organizational performance.

Intellizant’s goal is to ensure the organization has a successful and sustainable talent management plan. We believe it is important to start with the goals the organization expects to achieve and then define the talent needed to achieve those goals. To get the most out your workforce, it is crucial to understand the abilities of the individuals hired to get the job done. Using Intellizant’s methods of assessing and enhancing employees’ competencies will enable your organization to align individuals with the appropriate competencies to management’s business objectives resulting in synergized efforts to reach targeted goals.

We take into account performance metrics such as leadership commitment and communication effectiveness. We manage and align expectations from the top of the organization to the bottom by engaging stakeholders and providing support and stabilization to ensure the plan is implemented successfully. People tend to support what they have helped create; therefore, we take a collaborative approach to create organizations that have meaningful work and achieve their highest goals while providing excellent service to their customers. And, in order to sustain success, we will work with you to align the overall organizational strategy and goals to the individual performance plans.


Katie Schellinger
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